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How to Put Video on Your Website: Processing and Uploading

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It’s time to start using video files on your webpages. It will help you rank well in search engines and will enhance the quality of your website’s usability. By far the most time consuming and difficult factor, when you want to put video on your website, is the process of digitizing the video. Let’s talk about some key concepts for processing video files before uploading them to your server.

1. Choosing High-Quality Video

  • Stress the significance of selecting high-quality videos for processing.
  • Advise against using full-screen, high-resolution videos to ensure quick loading times for website visitors.

2. Considerate Video Size and Clarity

  • Encourage the consideration of video size for optimal website performance.
  • Suggest the use of small, clear images that maintain quality even with compression.

3. Video Processing Software

  • Introduce the need for specific software and basic editing skills for video processing.
  • Mention expensive options like Adobe Premiere and AfterEffects, but highlight the availability of more affordable software alternatives.

4. Editing Features

  • Discuss the diverse editing features provided by professional software, such as adding clips, slicing, inserting static images, using filters, transitions, and syncing audio files.

5. Importance of Sound Quality

  • Emphasize the often overlooked element of sound quality in video editing.
  • Recommend editing sound separately using audio editing software for a better overall viewing experience.

6. Final Step: Compression

  • Discuss the crucial step of compressing video files before uploading.
  • Highlight the need for video compression software to balance image and sound quality, along with size parameters.

7. Uploading to Your Web Server

  • Remind users to check server disk space and bandwidth allowance before uploading.
  • Stress the bandwidth consumption of video files and the potential impact on website performance.

8. Bandwidth Considerations

  • Provide an example of how a 1 MB video file can quickly consume bandwidth with a certain number of visitors.
  • Emphasize the importance of having sufficient bandwidth to accommodate video content.

And now the easiest part. Uploading your video on your web server. Make sure you have enough disk space on your server. Also make sure you are allowed to use enough bandwidth because video files are real bandwidth consumers. For example let’s say you have a 1 mb video file. You will only need 200 visitors to exceed a 200 mb bandwidth limit!

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