Tools in Running a Membership Website

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If you’re considering running a membership website, you’ll need various tools and resources to ensure its success. Here are key tools that can enhance the efficiency and functionality of your membership site

1. Backlink Tracker Tool:
This tool allows you to monitor the number of pages linking to your website. By filling in the URLs you want to monitor, it takes you through the sign-up steps, enabling you to check the account and search engine optimization results.

2. Website Location Tool:
Locate web servers physically using this tool. It provides insights into the physical location of web servers, aiding in optimization and performance monitoring.

3. Search Engine Submit:
This tool performs mass submissions, automatically sending your program to 30 different search engines. It ensures better visibility and indexing of your website.

4. Google Page Rank Tool:
Check your website’s ranking or that of others using the Google Page Rank tool. It provides valuable insights into the performance of your website in Google’s ranking.

5. Meta Tag Generator:
Simplify the generation of Meta Tags by entering your site’s description and keywords. This tool helps improve your website’s visibility by creating relevant Meta Tags.

6. Google AdSense Tool:
This tool provides an opportunity to display and get paid for Google advertising on your website. Google AdSense graphs offer visual access to advertising results, making it easier to analyze performance.

7. Google Datacenters Watch:
Monitor different Google data centers and check keyword positioning. This tool is useful for SEO purposes and staying updated on your website’s visibility.

8. Free Web Counter and Search Tool:
Offer your visitors a search tool to navigate through your website easily. Additionally, a free web counter helps track the number of visitors to your site.

Easy Member Pro:
Setting up an Easy Member Pro website is simple and efficient. Key features include a built-in content management system, automatic sign-ups, renewals, and cancellations, an affiliate system, and the ability to offer free memberships with paid upgrades.

Additional Features of Easy Member Pro:

  • Make more money on the backend and build your subscriber list.
  • Secure password-protected member’s area for exclusive content.
  • Easy customization of headers, banners, footer, and background graphics.
  • Preview content before going live and offer members multiple subscription terms.
  • Administration tools for easy communication with members, affiliates, and efficient management.

By leveraging these tools, you can streamline the operation of your membership website, ensuring a seamless experience for both members and administrators. From optimizing search engine visibility to managing memberships efficiently, these tools contribute to the overall success of your membership site.

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